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Available in 20ltr, 200ltr & 1000ltr

Seasol +Plus is a unique blend of Fish, Bull Kelp, Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid. It is a bio-positive material providing an outstanding balance of animal and plant derived organic materials. Seasol +Plus is an easy "all in one" product that has an effect on the plant and the soil. It is used when plant stimulation, soil conditioning and a little extra nitrogen is required. Seasol +Plus is designed to influence a crop from seedling stage onwards to maximise quality and yield. Seasol +Plus achieves superior results (when used as part of a program) compared to inorganic fertilisers used on their own. Seasol +Plus creates optimum conditions for soil microbial activity and soil fertility, enhancing plant nutrient uptake and improving soil structure.


Seasol +Plus - Benefits in Brief:

  • Seasol +Plus improves plant establishment by stimulating root growth, reducing transplant shock.
  • Seasol +Plus increases cell division, stimulating shoot growth, bud set, fruiting and flowering.
  • Seasol +Plus has chelating properties – it enables applied fertilisers to be utilised more efficiently, thereby reducing solid fertiliser requirements.
  • Seasol +Plus enhances the sugar content in some fruits, treated plants show higher brix readings.
  • Seasol +Plus can be used every 4-8 weeks during the growing season as a general plant conditioner and tonic to aid in optimising plant health, flowering and fruit production.
Application Rates
Vegetables 4 - 6 L/ha
Vines & Nuts 4 - 6 L/ha
Potatoes 4 - 6 L/ha
Citrus 4 - 6 L/ha
Pasture 4 - 6 L/ha
Table & Wine Grapes 4 - 6 L/ha
Stone Fruit / Olives 4 - 6 L/ha
Cereal Crops 2.5 - 5 L/ha
Turf & Lawns 1:250 Solution
Strawberries / Cut Flowers 1:1000 Solution

Note: Seasol +Plus should be used in conjunction with an existing fertiliser program to maximise the effectiveness of the fertiliser.

For optimum effectiveness Seasol +Plus should be applied to the soil at pre-planting and/or before fertiliser application. The product should never be applied undiluted and once diluted should be used within 24 hours. The product is suitable for application by boom spray or fertigation equipment. Best practice requires that application be avoided under extreme weather conditions.