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Available in 5ltr, 20ltr, 200ltr & 1000ltr

Australian Owned & Manufactured

Manufactured at the highest solids content of any kelp product in the Australian Market.

Seasol is a 100% Organic extract of King Island Bull Kelp and Knotted Kelp that provides a synergistic range of natural compounds and trace elements derived from a blend of the finest brown kelps from around the world.  King Island Bull Kelp, Durvillaea potatorum from the waters of north west Tasmania and Knotted Kelp Ascophyllum nodosum from the North Atlantic Ocean. The processing plant used to extract the liquid concentrate is the only one of its type in the world and the manufacturing process is also unique and maximises the extraction of growth stimulants and other plant essential compounds.

Seasol has been manufactured in Tasmania since the 1970’s.  The company has expanded significantly over the years, with huge growth into the horticultural and agricultural markets.

Seasol - Benefits in Brief:

Seasol is suitable for foliar applications as a general plant tonic to assist the maintenance of balanced plant nutrition. This leads to improved plant health with positive outcomes for:

  • Feeder root growth
  • Optimal flowering and fruit set
  • Consistent produce quality
  • Minimizing the effects of adverse climatic or environmental extremes
  • Reducing the incidence and severity of some pest and disease problems

More about the benefits of using Seasol:

Feeder root growth: Foliar application of Seasol increases the formation and growth of new feeder roots. The effect of this can be seen about 2 weeks after application (given good growing conditions), with a subsequent increase in shoot growth.

Flowering and fruit set: The use of Seasol as an organic plant health tonic significantly improves the benefits of a balanced nutritional program for optimizing fruit set and delivering more consistent yields, year after year.

Adverse climatic conditions: Improved plant health increases the ability of plants to cope with hot &/or dry conditions. It also reduces their susceptibility to frost damage. Both gardeners and commercial growers depend on Seasol for this benefit alone.

Produce quality: It is common sense that healthy plants yield high quality produce. The benefits of including Seasol in a balanced nutritional program can be seen in nutritional value, flavor and keeping quality.

Pest and disease problems: There are a number of ways in which plants naturally defend themselves against pest and disease problems. Optimising plant health can assist in providing such defenses without the need to divert energy away from growth and productivity. Gardeners and commercial growers alike, report that, when using Seasol, the incidence of such problems is reduced and (when they occur) their severity is much lower.

General Information:

Seasol and Earthcare products are intended for use in optimized plant nutrition and soil management programs and so are not recommended for mixing with chemicals or other products.

Recommended application rates:

Note: The following is a generalised program for the application of Seasol, details may vary to suit individual production systems. Please check the Seasol Technical Bulletin pertaining to the individual crop or contact your local territory manager toll free on 1800 214 882.


3 - 4 L/ha

Stone Fruit

3 - 4 L/ha

Wine Grapes

3 - 4 L/ha


3 - 4 L/ha


3 - 4 L/ha


3 - 4 L/ha


3 - 4 L/ha

Nursery Production

1:500 Solution


1:1000 Solution

Cut Flowers

1:1000 Solution

Turf & Lawns

1:250 Solution


1:500 Solution

Frost Protection & Heat Stress

3 - 5 L/ha

Note: This product is safe to use on Australian natives. The commercial strength Seasol is double the concentration of the retail product.