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Available in 20ltr, 200ltr & 1000ltr

PowerFeed is an organically based fish extract fortified with additional nutrients and blended with liquid humus to produce a highly efficient all-purpose liquid fertiliser. PowerFeed is ideal as a foliar spray as well as a soil drench.

Benefits of PowerFeed

  • Promotes vigorous shoot growth and increases a plant’s root mass.
  • Improves flowering and fruit development and boosts colour in flowers, fruit, vegetables and foliage.
  • Improves soil structure, loosens clay, soils increasing the friability which promotes greater air, water and root penetration.
  • Increases a soil’s water holding capacity, also reduces leaching in sandy soil situations.
  • Increases cation exchange capacity, improving a plants ability to uptake nutrients and trace elements from the soil.
  • Stimulates beneficial microbial activity in all soils, which in turn encourages worm activity.

Application Rates

Turf, Sports Fields & Lawns 500ml - 1L per 100m/sq
Ornamental Horticulture Flowers/Home Garden 4 - 6L/ha 500 per 100m/sq
Vines, Fruit Trees, Nuts, Olives & Bananas 6 - 10L/ha
Horticultural Crops/Vegetables 4 - 6L/ha
Field Crops, Cereal, Clover, Cotton, Lucerne 6 - 10L/ha