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Available in 20ltr, 200ltr & 1000ltr

Liquid Organic Humate is manufactured at the highest concentration of any liquid humic product in Australia. At 26% solids it is an exceptional product which has unique effects when applied to the soil. Manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions, this product provides a breakthrough in the methods and application of humates. Humates are natural chelating agents for metals and form strong bonds with calcium and iron. Liquid Organic Humate in the soil will gradually release present bound nutrients by chelating with calcium and iron that bind to some nutrients, thus providing a further and on going benefit to the plants. As well as feeding beneficial organisms in the soil, Liquid Organic Humate reduces the amount of water required for crop production.

Benefits of Earthcare Organic Humate

  • Improves soil structure, increasing the friability of clay soils and reduces leaching in sandy soils and increases a soil’s water holding capacity.
  • Improves soil cation exchange capacity, increasing a plants ability to uptake nutrient.
  • Provides organic carbons and mineral substances and stimulates soil microbial activity.
  • Reduces the tendency for the soil pH to change dramatically when fertilizers and other materials are applied to the soil.

Application Rates

Wine and Table Grapes 5L/ha Apply regularly commencing after bud burst as a soil application. Apply minimum 10L/ha per season
Fruit Trees, Nuts, Olives & Bananas 5L/ha Apply minimum 10L/ha per season
Horticultural Crops/Vegetables Field Plastic Mulched

5L/ha 3-4L.ha

Apply minimum 20L/ha per season Apply minimum 5L/ha per season
Ornamental Horticulture Flowers/Home Garden 5L/ha 200-300ml per 100m2 Apply minimum 5L/ha per season Apply at planting and continue monthly for maintenance
Turf, Sports Fields & Lawns 100-200ml per 100m2 Apply at planting and continue monthly for maintenance
Field Crops Cereal, Clover, Cotton, Lucerne 5L/ha Apply minimum 5L/ha per season

Note: Earthcare Liquid Organic Humate should be used in conjunction with an existing fertiliser program to maximise the effectiveness of the fertiliser.

For optimum effectiveness Earthcare Liquid Organic Humate should be applied to the soil at pre-planting and/ or before fertiliser application. The product is suitable for application by boom spray or fertigation equipment. Best practice requires that application be avoided under extreme weather conditions.