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One Handed Pruning Shears

The one-hand pruning shears satisfy all requirements. Regardless of pruning technique, work duration or hand shape, there is a model to suit every customer.

Two Handed Pruning Shears

Two-handed pruning shears are the ideal tool for cutting difficult to reach branches. They allow for easier cutting.

Pull Stroke Pruning Saws

Pull-stroke pruning saws guarantee rapid, clean and precise, large-diameter cutting. The blade teeth boast exceptional strength and durability thanks to the additional impulse treatment.

Picking and Trimming Snips

FELCO's picking and trimming snips are designed for grape harvesting, flower and fruit picking and for the light trimming of vines, plants, shoots etc. These small and ultra light shears feature stainless steel cutting heads and meet all requirements for comfort, handling and durability: soft spring action, easy locking and unlocking, and ergonomic handles fitted with a strap loop.