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Everris delivers powerful controlled release and water soluble fertilizers like Osmocote, Peters and Universol. Professional growers know Osmocote Exact is a top fertilizer product and delivers optimal results.

Since Everris has the most technologically advanced products available, they provide exactly what the plant needs to flourish and turn a good profit. Therefore Everris supplies all growers with what they need to get their plants in optimal condition.

Everris provides the perfect solutions and the best fertilizers for growers to get optimum yield and aesthetics from their plants. From potting plants to outside container nursery stock, Everris has the proper nutrition and plant nutritional solutions that are tailored to fit the plants every need, and maximize their output.


Everris offers a vast range of high-quality grass seed and fertilizers, all which make golf greens faster, sports fields stronger and parks greener.


Through continuous research and development, using the best technology available, Everris has an answer to whatever demands you have.