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Debco Seed Raising Mix has been formulated based on requirements of professional nursery growers, to provide a light, loosely textured mix ideally suited for effective seed germination and strong seedling establishment.
It contains a balanced mixture of ingredients designed and tested to give the ideal ratio of moisture retention, aeration and drainage.


  • Horticultural Sand For Moisture Retention
  • Ideal Ratio Between Aeration & Drainage
  • Trace Elements & Growth Stimulants

Debco Seed Raising Mix is ready to use straight from the bag with no further additives required. Close the bag tightly after use.

  1. Fill the seedling tray with Debco Seed Raising Mix. Fill the tray to within 1 cm of the top of the tray and firm gently.
  2. Using a plastic ruler or a label, make a shallow furrow in the mix, to a depth of about 3 times the size of the seed.
  3. Sow the seeds into the furrow, being careful to leave space between the seeds to allow easy transplanting when germinated. Once the seed is sown, cover lightly with the mixture. Label each row of seed for identification of the germinating plants. Water in the seed and place in a warm sunny location for germination. Avoid very hot conditions and maintain moisture.
  4. Once the seed has germinated allow growing to 2 –3cm tall, maintaining adequate moisture and feed lightly with a half strength liquid fertiliser.
  5. Plant seedlings into the garden or pots as required and continue watering and feeding.